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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A Wood turners workshop (2)

The ML8 in Woodturning Mode

On the lathe is a finial that has been turned by a thirteen year old young lady that wanted to learn woodturning.

Oh what a joy to find someone so young with interests other than a phone or a computer. Originally, a few months before this last Christmas just past, a friend of mine with a young family of three girls asked if I could turn for one of his daughters some lace bobbins for her birthday. Like all children, when overhearing what  he had asked of me from the kitchen, this young lady came running in to the lounge where we were asked in a very demure way 'could I show her how to make them herself, it surely couldn't be that difficult'
My friend visibly went pale knowing the cost of the hobby; A Lathe in his little garden shed would be the end of his sanctuary for all time, bearing in mind he was outnumbered four to one at home.
You can't say no though to the charm of a thirteen year old, and so started a journey with pleasures for me that have far exceeded anything I could have imagined.
She wanted to learn; her skills and design knowledge and unending patience as she attentively listened to me explaining the do's and don'ts, gave me a sense of purpose I would never have expected. I began to understand how teachers must feel when a child wants to learn, the little frame by my side had a thirst for knowledge that far exceeded anything I had come across in my long life, changing my opinion of the youngsters of today.  


And so on to the purpose of the blog:

ML8 in Metal Mode

Turning a small face plate out of an old rusty piece of  hex, this is to hold a 'Jam Chuck' in the tail stock revolving centre.
                                                                    An old piece of hex
                                                                      Turned and drilled

                                                  The Jam Chuck that will hold a goblet
                                                                       for polishing.

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