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Monday, 4 February 2013

Just a quicky before I go out.

I love gadgets! They fascinate me. Yesterday I found a mechanical rubber! ? ? ?
I thought, what an unbelievable saving of energy, to not even have to push a rubber across the paper to erase a line I didn’t want.

Wow! It’s a must have.

Six quid, without any batteries to make it work, I won’t go down that road, but never the less a pet hate of mine, you buy it for your budding artist in the family only to find they can’t use it until you are out at the shops again.
In very small print on the back of the packet amongst the German and French instructions the words Batteries Not Included’ so I couldn’t try it in the shop.
I had to get round to the coffee shop to try it out. 

Do you know its brilliant!

To start with it was worth the six quid with all the humour and curiosity it caused. You can afford to sharpen the end of the rubber to a point on one of the small rubbers it comes with, and another to a chisel end.
Might be a bit bulky for a youngster’s hand, but there again the batteries have to go somewhere.
They could also have put a pen clip on it so you could put it in your top pocket, but never mind.

Made by ‘Derwent’

Best buy for me this year, so far anyway, highly recommended.

Thanks for stopping by, be back tonight perhaps.

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  1. Just ordered one on Ebay I will let you know how it goes