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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Disillusioned and Disgusted !

Absolutely unbelievable that grown men and women who have been elected by the working people of this country should act in the way that I viewed them yesterday: I turned the news off!  If I had heard my children screaming at each other like they were, they would have received a sanction that none of them would ever forget.
Anyway, a few doodles today.
Remember when you had to get up in the cold dark mornings to go to work, dreaming of the day when you could lay in till quite late, taking your time over breakfast instead of a piece of toast between your teeth as you drove down the motorway to another days toil.
Take it from me, it doesn’t work that way! As time goes on I am rising earlier and earlier to cram in everything there is to do nowadays.
A few things that caught my eye today, sketching perhaps for future reference. Sitting in the car waiting for the little wife, the radio playing softly in the background, my ever-present sketchpad on my knee capturing the different things around me.
Eves dropping on a conversation the other day, I heard a lady say she was bored since retiring, however can that be? There doesn’t seem enough hours in the day sometimes, so much to do, so many things to see and always afraid I will miss something. I like the saying that has come across the pond to these shores, namely: “Onward and upward, we are burning daylight” as soon as my eyes are open, the joy each day brings and all the mischief I can get into has to be crammed into a few short hours, the hands of the clock wiz round and I have only achieved half of what I set out to do come bedtime, but I live in hope there is always a tomorrow.
Reading the Blog’s today reminded me of yesterday when I switched on the ‘tele’ to watch the budget as I had my lunch.
These people who call themselves politicians that are supposed to have our interests at heart in running our country, were acting like children in a playground, there was unbelievable pandemonium from all sides of the house supposedly there to discuss the very important subject of our finances. It seems to me, and many like me, the system that the world once regarded as a model of government have reached a new low in our history.
There is nothing I can do about it! No place to turn to for help only to shut my door and pray I survive another day in the turmoil this country has got itself into, everybody blaming everyone else instead of putting their heads together to fathom out a future for our children. I thought this was what we elected them to do; …..wrong!
So I sketch, busy myself in the workshop, listen to the music I love and remember the statesmen that ran our country in days long gone, hoping the youngsters of today will not have to rise up like in other countries around the world before sense and reason is resumed.
I am sorry, I promised not to get political on this ‘Blog’ but when I am presented with what is supposed to be news to people I, and all of us little people have elected acting in the way they were I begin to wonder where it will all end.
I’m sorry, no more politics, I promise.
Thanks for stopping by, please call again.


  1. Al, one of the problems we face as we grow older is that things do not seem as good as they used to be. It starts in childhood when the enchanted wood that used to excite as a small child suddenly becomes a boring place for family days out as a teenager.

    Over my lifetime we have lost an empire, our navy no longer rules the waves, our politicians seem less and less able to lead and our nation is beset with problems.

    Sometims I despair, but then I stop and think for a minute. I recall rationing, the gloom and shortages that followed the short term euphoria after the war. Stafford Cripps ill conceived ground nut scheme, the Suez invasion, Ted Heath's three day working week when my business went under and the winter of discontent. Was it all really so good and is today so bad.

    You talk of parliament, but are the exchanges between Balls and Cable yesterday any worse than those between Braddock and Churchill. The baying of the mob that are our elected representatives has probably not changed much since Cromwell kicked them all out.

    Life and the world does change, but only in cyles. We have puritanical eras followed by permissive ones, political flavours vary from extreme to moderate and back again and wars seem never ending. Has it ever been any different.

    Best bet is to find a nice spot, engage yourself in pleasant pursuits, avoid newspapers and TV news and never, ever watch Question Time.

    1. I totally agree Tom with everything you have mentioned, but I think that time when things were tight, the rationing during and after the war, the three day week etc., made all involved more conscious of the struggle that made this country great. There will always be differences between those that lead, I accept that and so I’m sure, do all right-minded people, this is the beauty of the system we have.
      The rationing was essential for our survival, Stafford Cripps ill conceived Ground Nut Scheme, was what it was ‘ill conceived’ hitting home to my family, my father in law loosing everything, returning home penniless. But they were trying to sort out a problem, trying to put things right that had gone wrong.
      What we went through in those times made us all what we are, and I for one wouldn’t want to return to those days, the world around me far better in the passing of time. I consider I was very fortunate having hard working loving parents, giving me a childhood that was so full of cherished memories and they taught me to calmly consider other peoples point of view however much I disagreed with them.
      Can we honestly say, after listening to our leaders on Tuesday, that they are trying to correct the ill conceived financial policies of the past, no matter who it was that introduced them?
      Thanks for your comment Tom, I don’t normally get involved with politics, but it’s comforting to know there is someone out there that seems to think the same as I do.
      I will do as you suggest though, because I will be the first to admit as time and age creeps up on me, becoming more selfish, relishing in the contentment of all the beauty I see around me.

    2. I have a relative who retired to Spain some years ago although he retains a little cottage in the west country. When he lived fulltime in England he was eaten up with anger over the antics of politicians. In Spain he avoids English papers and news and the Spanish version is of no interest as it is not his country, he just enjoys its climate and pastimes. He has a number of hobbies, is very happy and more than content to now leave politicians to play their childish games.