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Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Bit of Nostalgia

A little trip down memory lane.

Being an old softy these days, I was reminded of the times back in the fifties when we used to go dancing. My wife and I took to the floor in the sweetheart waltz last week, its about my limit these days, the ol’ legs aren’t what they used to be. I came home and tried to remember the names of some of us that had so much fun back then.
Can anyone in Thanet inform me of the fate of Kenilworth Hall in, I think, Wilson Road off Grange Road?
In the fifties it was a dancing school run by Eustace Bowman and Phyllis Hayes. There must be many still around that remember those times, we all are reminded of what happened to the Granville Ballroom, the rubble still there after many years since its demolition. There is little hope that the new owner will rebuild that one to its former glory.
Lets see how I get on with names; these are just a few of whom I remember, anyone knowing the where about of any of them I’d love to hear from you.
Email:     or   Gmail:

Kenneth and Antoinette:
Margaret (Thornton) and Wendy (I think Jones):
Jacqueline (cant’ remember her surname it was I think Wake or Wate) and Janet Dugdale:
Adrienne Bourne and Glenda Tedder:
Anthony Ashby and Lynne Thomas ( I always fancied Lynne, she was gorgeous.):

And then there was our lot:

Pat and Peter (Reynolds and Dawes respectively):
Barry Blackman and Avril Hubbard
Me, and of course there was my Janet (Birch), lovely Janet, where are you my pet?

Please forgive me if I have spelt any of your names wrong.
How did I do? And they say my memory is going.
We all move on in life, and it is only recently we have started sequence dancing on a Tuesday afternoon, bringing back memories of those times so long ago now.
Workshop next week.
Been given a project that I am looking forward to completing.

Thanks for stopping by.



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