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Friday, 11 January 2013

New years resolution; I started this ‘Blog’ so I will make the effort as often as I can to jot down at least how the day has gone.

It’s my birthday! Profiteroles (that’s how Tesco spells it) and double cream for tea, no balloons though.

Received a lovely lot of cards and good wishes from everyone, aren’t people kind reminding me how old I am? Goodness me, seven and a bit decades, every day a joy to remember, how lucky is that?

Pete woke me up this morning, went to the door in a daze, poor devil had the shock of his life when he saw me, but didn’t say anything, just went rather pale. So we had a mug of tea and I felt a lot better. Put the world to rights and discussed his painting that he had done with my little blossom in the next room.

It’s coffee morning tomorrow over in the Pavilion, I’m not taking the car this week, we are walking, the ten yards from our house to the door will be good exercise, another resolution, to do a bit more walking. Anyway I had to go up town and take out another mortgage, its only a pound to get in on a Saturday, but with all the raffles and bingo and any other way the committee think up to get your hand in your pocket. It’s pointless going unless you are loaded, good fun though, great company and we always have a laugh, worth every penny, and funnily enough I never seem to win anything, I don’t know why. I mentioned it to one of the committee members last time, he just shrugged his shoulders, there was a slight smile on his face though that I noticed when he walked away from me.


Be back soon

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