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Friday, 25 January 2013

A Sketch a Day rests the Heart from Play ! ! !

A bit of sketching today instead of all this writing, I have been given instructions to colour it. (I’m thinking about it, perhaps just tints of watercolour hear and there, we’ll see.)
Love the countryside of this beautiful Island we live in, even when its raining or snowing, still thankfully open spaces to sit and sketch, listening to the birds singing their hearts out in the trees. A few sandwiches and a flask of tea on a sunny day tucked away in a little corner of Dorset and I’m ‘Happy as Larry’ as they say.
This little sketch took me all day, and I am quite pleased with the result. A few mistakes perhaps from those of you that are in the know, but it’s all about the enjoyment of creating something to take home.
Half a dozen cottages in the middle of nowhere that are attached to a small community of farmers down hear in Dorset; beautiful, peaceful, I’m sure as well, very productive.
Thanks for stopping by. 

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