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Saturday, 12 January 2013

 A Good Day Today

Had our coffee morning, but more about that in a bit. Had lunch and decided to spend the afternoon in the workshop.

Question: How do you make a round container (with a lid) out of a couple of old chair legs?

A couple of weeks ago before Christmas I noticed some old oak dining chairs in next doors garden, they had evidently been out there through all the recent rain not covered up. When I asked young Jean about them she said she had no idea how to dispose of them, so I gingerly asked if I could have them. She has a lovely face, but a frown doesn’t suit her, “Why on this earth would you want them, but before you answer, by all means, it is a relief to get rid of them.”

Six oak dining chairs, wow! !……how lucky can I get? They were wet through of course and the seats were completely ruined but that didn’t bother me in the least, anyone that knows about wood would know that pre-war oak is well seasoned and shoved through the planer would come up like new. I was a very happy camper I can tell you and I didn’t waste much time cutting them up ready for the planer. So , this is as far as I have got, cutting them up and discarding the bits with joint holes and glue, I have also saved the turned beads that were in the middle of the legs.

Next step to set the band saw up to 30 degree’s (exactly!) not 29.9 or 30.5 but to a precise 30 is very important, so this took me quite a while.

Next step tomorrow.
Coffee morning:
The committee members work so, so hard making each event such an enjoyable hour or so, everybody smiling and laughing, such a change from all the doom and gloom in the world today to have the company and friendship of all the happy faces around you as we sip our coffee and tea with a sticky bun or scone.
It was pouring with rain this morning, but that didn’t prevent the pavilion from being full, fresh flowers on each table with pristine tablecloths, all laundered and ironed, tea poured from a teapot and served with a smile took me back to my parents parlour on a Saturday morning when my dear mum would invite the neighbours in for a chat all those years ago after the war, when a smile meant so much.

 (I didn’t win the raffle though . . . . again, . . . tch.)

Thank you to all, for your effort and time, greatly appreciated.


Back soon


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