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Monday, 21 January 2013

A Little Sketch in the warmth today.

It’s bitter down here in Hampshire, went outside to clear the car of snow, it was frozen solid, so I cleared a bit until my hands set like concrete and I was a feared they would break off if I did any more, so I gave up and came in. My lovely wife made me a steaming mug of tea to bring the circulation back but even that went cold, after the few minutes with my hands wrapped round it, so I ‘Nuked’ it as the children would say, what ever did we do without the microwave?

I settled down in the warmth of my little room, put some light classics on the DVD in the computer and took out my pencils and paper to do a bit of sketching. After about half an hour my eyes started to close, listening to the lifeblood of my existence, warm and cosy, doing what I had always in the past dreamed of doing in the busy life I have had, at long last my retirement has been the peace I had hoped it would be, doing the things that give me so much enjoyment.

Another little story has come to mind that you all seem to be enjoying, going from the very kind emails I have received, so I will endeavour to complete it tonight and post it tomorrow if I finish it. In the meantime the unfinished efforts of today that needs a bit more time, I don’t know where it is because its just out of that furry muddle up in the recesses of the few grey cells left.

Thanks for dropping by. 

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