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Monday, 28 January 2013

Thought Provoking Pictures from Ramsgate

Listening last night to the lovely Stephanie Detry playing the beautiful piece ‘Ballade pour Adeline’ an instrumental piece for piano composed in 1976 by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint the piece is a tribute to Paul’s newborn daughter, Adeline.
Now I presume 37 years old I wonder how she feels listening to this tribute to her birth. An unbelievable melody of the marvel of parenthood, looking down into a crib, seeing his new born child, the inspiration that bursts from every bar of this piece of music represents everything I treasure in life.
The music my parents encouraged me to listen to when I was young has given me the inspiration over the years in many of my endeavours, my Gran explaining the finer points of composition and arranging, enabling an understanding that has been the foundation of everything I hold dear in this life.
Many times remembering how I used to sit in the shelter up on the cliff top in Ramsgate opposite the Granville studying the finer points of theory. The seat was, even in those days, worn and weather beaten. The paintwork over the years covering and obscuring the beautiful Victorian cast iron patterns around the fringe of the roof.
Seeing those shelters now through the photographs sent to me by Robert and Jan Holden of the Ramsgate Society and the photo’s posted by Michael yesterday, the arrangements and compositions emanating from those days as I sat there, bring back so many memories of my home town. Thank you.

Back soon, take care.


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