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Thursday, 17 January 2013

A bit more done in the workshop

Back of draw front
Front of draw front
Turned blank ready to reduce the tennon to about 1/8 of an inch

There won’t be a post tomorrow, we are off to Sandown for the craft show, weather permitting, all the way up the M3 – M25, and down the A3, looks pretty bad on the weather forecast but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

So, I spent the morning in the workshop after making the bread, putting the dinner on and clearing up. I retrieved a draw front from an old chest-of-draws that I dismantled last summer, ¾ of an inch thick and 7 inches wide x 4 foot long, solid oak, they don’t make furniture like that anymore.

If you are out and about, trawl the charity shops, there are enough of them around in the high streets these days, so browse around while the misses is doing her thing, it’s surprising what you can find for a few pounds, furniture wise.

Two solid beach stools from the 1950’s with one and a half inch square legs £1 each last week, they would make lovely handles for those chisels that were picked up for a song at the garage sale, not bad when you consider I would have had to pay around the region of £20, plus postage for the same amount of wood ‘on line’ and nine times out of ten its not been properly seasoned.

Anyway the base for the bowl that I started making, cut a good six inches off the draw front, cleaned up and turned to the exact circumference of the inside (about an 1/8 of an inch in depth) of the segmented circle, turn over on the face plate and clean up the other side.

I’ll do a bit more at the weekend, going shopping this afternoon, crossed the burgers off the shopping list though, make do with a bit of mince and make my own, you just never know these days with all the pretty pictures on the box in the freezer’s of the supermarkets.
Thanks for dropping by
Back at the weekend.





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