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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Those Chair Legs

The Bandsaw set-up
                                                             The last one of the chairs 

The band-saw-sled I made back in the summer, all the brass inserts for it were turned on my small metal lathe, the main sled is a few off-cuts from a previous project. I have found it very useful when cutting segments because it is completely adjustable to any degree I want to cut. I’m sure you can purchase something similar, but like everything these days, it would I’m sure, be quite expensive. If I can make it, to me, that’s half the fun and enjoyment in having a workshop, why spend money on something I can make for next to nothing.

Cut out the segments (six) to form a complete circle, as I mentioned yesterday this must be as exact as possible (30 degrees)

Clamp and glue together, there are many ways of clamping, some favour just an elastic band, some favour a tourniquet but whatever you use it must bring together all six segments tightly. I always leave overnight to set hard, the reason I leave it for this long period is the forces that are inflicted on the joints when turning it on the lathe are quite extreme until it is completely cylindrical. So I will let it set until tomorrow.

Its' a lovely sunny day, a bit cold, but the sun is shineing, lunch time, a little snooze and proberbly out for a walk.

Back soon. 

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