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Friday, 25 January 2013

Answer to a few questions

I use a soft 2B pencil and what I call a ‘smudger’ Lynne, which is a very tightly rolled up paper pencil, sharpened to a point. They can be purchased quite cheaply in any good art supplies shop if you still have one in Ramsgate.
Sometimes sketching just an outline very lightly of what I see, and then taking it home to finish it, enabling a bit more care in the detail.
Michael is a lot cleverer than I am with his art, describing the colours, paper and brushes he uses, and like you, I admire his choice of subjects. I only wish there was more on his ‘Blog’ of the art in the town and his efforts.
I have been asked if the cart in the last sketch is for sale, it is in the back garden of a friend who also, like myself, does a bit of woodturning and he still uses it to collect the logs for our little hobby. Yes, I have finished the sketch, but found quite a few things wrong with the proportions, i.e. the gate is too large, or the water-but too small which is why I never posted it, however, as you are not the only one to ask, I will post it tomorrow.
Thank you for your email, and I wish you well in your new hobby, keep it up, you will find it very rewarding.
Thanks again for your interest,

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  1. Alan I, when I use 2B pencils I usually use a 05mm propelling pencil and a 5.6mm propelling pencil sanded off at an angle to do the shading. As I mostly draw from life and mostly people it has to be quick and portable. Rubbers and smudgers don’t travel well and get too dirty to use.

    I find a 2B smudges when I use watercolour on top so I have to use a B, I will try oblige with some more sketches when it warms up a bit, but I don’t have the patience or the time for the finely executed stuff you do.