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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bribery to sit still

I’ve ‘sassed’ it Michael, I know how you do it, . . . an inducement to sit still!
It was pouring with rain, blowing a gale and the café was full, nowhere to sit. A thick mist hung over wet coats and umbrellas that were draped all over the place. Shopping bags littered the floor and every table had sorry looking individuals with their cold hands wrapped around piping hot mugs of varied beverages that were being provided by an overworked young lady at the counter.
I had ‘Blossom’ with me thank goodness; believe me when I tell you she can charm her way out of any situation, and in no time at all there were two seats made vacant for us at a table in the corner by the radiator, perfect! To catch our breath from the weather and to get a little circulation going again.
Opposite us sat a young mother trying to cheer her little one up, the child obviously didn’t want to be there, a blackcurrant juice with a straw in front of her hadn’t been touched and her mother you could see was getting slightly concerned she would embarrass her by causing a scene in that crowded café.
I looked at that little face, if only I could capture that young look of distain on paper. I bent over to her so she could hear me and asked;
“If I buy you a nice big cream cake would you sit still while I draw you?”
She didn’t answer, but a little sparkle twinkled in her eye’s and there was a faint nod, her mother said it would be alright and my Sue and her started chatting away as if they had known each other all their lives, like the fairer sex do.
Picking her up to view the array of cakes on the counter her attitude changed dramatically, of course she picked the biggest one and we made our way back to the table.
That little girl sat there motionless, staring me in the face as if her life depended on it. Her little eye’s never moved as I attempted to capture the expression of innocent curiosity she was showing at the man drawing her picture, he had bought her a cream cake, making a dreary afternoon for her a little more memorable than if she had been made to just sit there with a cold blackcurrant juice she obviously didn’t want.
The young lady behind the counter made a copy of what I had drawn, handing it to the little one, her mother immediately took it from her, rolling it up and carefully putting it with her shopping. She never looked back at me but holding her mothers hand as she went out the door, looking up to her I heard her say;
“Can we put it on the side board with the other pictures Mummy?”
I think her mother said something like “To right we will, after daddy has put it in a frame for you.”
Recognition at last!
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  1. You know Alan I had never though of trying to get children to stay still when drawing them. OK sketch worth the cake I would say, have you tried using coloured chalks with pencil sketches?